Hardware & Software
Arena Computer
As Turkey's leading technology provider, our mission and our goal we set for ourselves is to bring most innovative technology products and solutions to every corner of our country. With more than 5.000 business partner spread to every town of Turkey, we bring together world’s leading technology products and solutions with individuals and institutional consumers. And we are led digitalization of our lives and our country.
Since 1991, it has been in the IT sector as the Turkey distributor of many manufacturers that are engaged in the production of computers, computer equipment, network, information storage, mobile phone, software, energy and automation systems on a global scale and operates as one of the main providers of digital transformation in Turkey.

With the solutions it provides in different product ranges in the field of technology, we provide support to our business partners in logistics, financial solutions, cloud solutions as well as the usual distributorship understanding with our position as the technology supplier of Turkey. We are working to bring it to our country at the right cost.